Clients’ Stories

Tyler (aged 11)

Grandmother (support person)

4 and 1/2 months after program

I have just come back from being an observer in Tyler’s reading group. The leader of the reading groups thinks Tyler is more than ready to join the class permanently. I have no doubt about that as he was recently tested for reading/comprehension levels and he is sitting in the mid stream where as before he was, sadly, close to the bottom.

The following day I am impressed!!!! Tyler had his hand up all the time for all questions and certainly had no trouble in accurately recalling the story.He read very well – I think he stumbled on one word but the leader is very quick to correct it – whereas as I would stop and let the reader try and work it out. But I’m not the leader. He even butted in to correct other readers pronunciation.. (he was correct on all words). He is a lot more confident and he doesn’t constantly say ‘I am dumb’ or ‘I’ve got a bad brain’. Yes we are as proud as punch. He has certainly come a long way.

7 months after program

Today Tyler had to do a presentation. I was very impressed. He started off a little bit nervous but as he got more confident he did very well. All up he would have spoken for about 15 minutes. VERY impressive. All good comments from the audience. Today I was up helping him with his spelling. The teacher interrupted us and said Tyler won the maths competion for the week. He romped it in with 1,375 – next one was 1,120 but the rest of the class were between 300 and 800. He got to choose a prize from the box. Needless to say I was very proud.

8 months after program

Tyler’s teacher tested all her students for reading, maths, spelling etc. at the beginning of the year and again last week. Tyler didn’t even register on the Lexile reading before, but now he has improved by 978. The teacher told his mum that that is ‘absolutely amazing’. His improvement was the greatest by far in the class. …we are as proud as punch. He has certainly come a long way. 

And thanks to people like you and the Ron Davis Program for helping people like Tyler.  So a BIG thank you.

from Tyler

Just a very big Thankyou for helping me in the Dyslexia Unlocked program. My teacher said I have made a BIG improvement in my confidence and results in my school work.

Jack (aged 10)

9 months after program

from mum 

We really do appreciate the faith you have in him – your contact is always very refreshing and great for his confidence and seems to give him another bump in motivation to keep on with those trigger words.  I’m impressed with the way he opens up to you, with the little bits that bother him with his schooling in one way or another, and you always seem to come up with some good ideas in which he can work around them. Thank you for your feedback to Jack with his words*.  He reads what you respond to him and I believe its great for his motivation.  He has worked well on his symbol work – often just needs to be told he needs to do one before he goes off to do something else and he gets stuck into it.  Seems to be able to explain the meaning to me, though probably doesn’t master all the meanings in the dictionary.

I just wanted to let you know that Jack was elected as School Captain. He is reading in assemblies in front of everyone now, and also doing readings in school chapel now. It’s amazing!!

*Jack decided to send photos of his models to me on my smartphone.

  • Shaun (aged 10) – ADHD – Attention Mastery℠ Program

at the beginning of his program

from mum

My daughter is looking after Shaun. She just asked me what is wrong with him as they’re getting along and he’s quiet! I told her. She said it’s strange. Imagine what he will be like at the end of the program! Thank you.  


The day after his program finished

Thank you for making the time to come into the school and explain things to myself and his teacher and SSO [Special Support teacher] yesterday afternoon.
I can see that Shaun is more settled he did become excited after we left the school but once I asked him where his dial was he calmed back down.
I do hope that Shaun will remember to utilise to tools that he has been taught and that his behaviour will improve at school as well as home.
He did sleep well and remembered to do use his tool even before I reminded him too.

I thank you once again for all the time and extras that you did for Shaun.

Salomi (aged 19)

during and one month after program

Salomi was a 19 year old visual arts student when she came to me to do her Davis Dyslexia Correction® program. During the week, Salomi talked about her passion for illustration, and her goal to be a graphic designer. I asked if she could design a logo for me, and the next morning she arrived with a number of  illustrations and ideas she had done overnight for the logo. We discussed what I wanted, and her thoughts of what would work best. Then she opened a sketch pad and showed me a wonderful illustration of a dyslexic mind that she’d sketched, painted and drawn with felt tip.

“I was thinking about the logo and just started drawing. I was thinking of dyslexia unlocked and what that meant to me and I just put it in the image.”

At the first follow up  she excitedly brought out a new version of the original illustration. She explained how she had done this. 

“‏After I got back home after my program I got out my materials again and simply drew, painted, etc. It’s the process we’ve been taught. I was making sure the colours worked, but not changing the concept.”

This second illustration was similar but different, retaining its essential quality. But instead of the face being a sombre blue watercolour with downcast closed eyes, her new version was upward facing, eyes open, with a new lighter, coloured pencil face. When I asked if she could notice a difference and what it was, she simply said

“Well I think I’m definitely getting more confident, and using my tools and modelling my trigger words is helping. But mum and I are so glad we found you. Mum thought Davis was right for me. Thank you, you’ve really helped me.”

She then asked, “Would you like a poster of this? And I’ll send you some files of it too, and for the logo.”

Not long after, my poster duly arrived in the mail. And we worked on the logo together over following months until we were both happy with the result. The illustration of a dyslexic mind being unlocked is on the first page, as well as the logo. I now have the poster framed and hanging in my office, where everyone can see and enjoy it. Thank you Salomi!

two years after program

from Salomi

I want to say thank you again for being my guide through the program. I have gained a confidence that continues to grow not only in my reading ability but overall understanding of myself. I feel that has been the biggest and most gratifying outcome for me. After striving all through my schooling to simply not stand out as someone who was different or struggling, I realised at 19 that it could be a possibility that my brain worked differently. I ended up deciding that I wanted to do tests to see if my gut feeling was right, all while still convincing myself that I’m not different, I’m just not working hard enough and I’m looking for excuses. I thought so negatively about my efforts because that was the response I got from teachers whenever my grades weren’t ‘average’.

When I finally did the tests with a psychologist, I found the whole experience so negative and degrading. As I was trying to answer the questions I was constantly being told that “that shouldn’t take you that long”. I felt so exposed having to sit in front of someone while they watched and analysed my ways of coping with reading and writing that I had conditioned myself into doing. When the testing was done and I was told I was dyslexic, it was told to me as a negative, that there was “nothing I could do about it”, it’s a learning “disability”.

It took some convincing from my mum, who found the Davis Program, that it was going to be a positive experience. I am so grateful for her and for you, Jan. Like I mentioned before, the biggest thing I feel I’ve gained from the program is confidence. I started embracing the fact that I think differently, and realising how it’s shaped me as a person.

I am not a creative, smart and talented person in spite of my dyslexia; I am those things because of it.  Thank you for being my guide into helping me realise that. :)

Gillian (adult)

You are never too old to learn new techniques. I have quietly struggled with dyslexia for many, many years. Before the age of computers I was too embarrassed to write letters or do any other form of writing because of my poor spelling. Early last year I met Jan and discovered the Davis Dyslexia Programme; a programme that looks at dyslexia as a gift rather than a disability. Jan encouraged me to do a course with her and I had fun as I learnt new ways of learning.This programme does not rely on hours of phonics.

Jan is a wonderful facilitator and will build your confidence as you do the programme. She will look for your strengths and improve your self esteem. At the beginning of the course we set clear goals to aim for so I could see my improvement. Throughout the course there were several ah-ha moments when a problem was solved.

Jan is very flexible in the way she teaches the technique and will adapt to your individual needs.

Over the years I have done various courses to help me improve my reading speed and spelling but I have found the Davis Dyslexia Programme the most beneficial. I highly recommend the Davis Dyslexia programme and Jan Stead as a Facilitator!