A Few Questions

A boy with book on head shielding off raining letters and numbers

Are you or your child smart, but unable to read, write or spell adequately?

If you are an adult or student, are you having difficulties – either at work or in your studies, staying focused, meeting deadlines and expectations?

Do you or they feel stupid or maybe have low self esteem?

Disorganised and messy or perfectionist?

Frequently frustrated and angry?

Have trouble expressing thoughts?

Maybe you or they suffer from performance or examination anxiety – or anxiety in general.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You may just think differently and learn better in a visual, aural or ‘hands on’ mode. And that’s great. Every single person is unique. And so it is with dyslexics.

To find some answers and get more information, you can take this simple and free online Dyslexia Screening Test.

What is Dyslexia